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  good It is fun & you can play against friends on Battle Mode. bad You lose your Skylanders for 24 ours.   These are my favourite  characters of all time.


Kinect Sports


  Good It is good because it is kinect & it is fun for adults & kids. bad It is hard for 5 year olds & under.




  Good It is good because you can take peoples weapons & take peoples Armour. Bad It is very violent because you kill people.


Lego Hobbit


  Good I like it because the movie Hobbit is epic! Bad The sound is annoying and it is impossible to know who you are playing as. If you can’t wait, here’s the teaser...


Lego Indiana Jones


  Good I like when you fight Indians and push them over so they crack and when you whip them so you can grab there legs so they trip over. Bad That it is...


FIFA Street


  Good FIFA Street is a good game because you could do epic skills like an overhead kick, spin 360, scissor kick. Bad FIFA Street is bad because  the goals are too small in...




  Good FIFA 15 is an epic football game. It has a 5 star rating from The Guardian. And you can play tournaments and it is a 4 player game which is so good...